Bradman Lake’s experience with shrink wrapping is second to none. Our machines are suitable for all industries that require shrink wrapping for presentation, protection and transit purposes.

We offer twin-reel machines where the film is heat-sealed and single-reel machines where an overlap seal is employed. The range includes low cost pneumatic machines and high-speed full servo machines, both equipped with low energy consumption
shrink tunnels.

Packaging Styles


High Speed Shrink Wrapper (SRW)

Right-angle Shrink Wrapper (RTSW)

Inline Shrink Wrapper (ITSW)

A Highly Flexible Shrink Wrapper for Beatson Clark

Beatson Clark (BC), wanted to upgrade one of their production lines, by installing a new bottle packaging system to handle a wide range of bottle sizes and shapes. Bradman Lake (BL) the UK’s largest manufacturer of packaging machines delivered a new flexible high-speed machine with integrated collator, robot loader and energy efficient shrink wrapper.

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