All brands within Bradman Lake have extensive experience in the supply of machinery to the chilled and frozen foods sector. Meat, Fish, Vegetable or Ice Cream products, Bradman Lake can provide machinery to meet specifications demanded by each industry. Wipe down to full stainless-steel construction with wash down capability, machine variations are available to suit specific environmental operating conditions.

Bradman Lake's Packaging Systems For Frozen Foods Products

Pizza Packing System

Frozen Burger Packing System

Chilled Bread Roll Packing System

Bag-in-Box Packing System

Shrink Wrapping System

Bradman Lake proves to be a winner in Caustic Wash-down requirements

When it comes to packaging processed meat products it has to meet and exceed industry mandated hygiene requirements. Therefore, when it came to selecting a new carton lid closer to close their 3-flap style lid covers Monogram had to acquire a machine that can withstand caustic wash-down.

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Difficult Automation Made Easy for Frozen Foods

Using carton designs originated by Bradman Lake, Murrys switched from expensive to produce pre glued and folded cartons to less expensive flat blank versions which are lock formed on Bradman Lake HS double head formers.

The automatic bag loader to pick and place the bags of product into these cartons was developed by Bradman Lake in partnership with Rockwell/Allen Bradley. After the cartons are loaded and the bags are placed inside the base, the package is then transferred to Bradman Lake’s IL120 carton closer.

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