The packaging solutions offered by the Bradman Lake Group are widely used by the global dry food industries worldwide.

Their exceptional performance and reliability is well proven in the packaging of cereals, tea, coffee, spices, powdered milk, soup products, sugar, pasta, pet foods and other similar products.

Bradman Lake's Packaging Systems For Dry Foods

Bar Packing System

Cracker Packing System

On-edge Packing System

Tea Packing System

Shrink Wrapping System

How Bradman Lake helped Tea manufactures to achieve their goals?

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water. The process of handling this delicate plant from harvesting to packaging cannot be overemphasized as it decides the level of tea quality in the consumer’s cup. The Bradman Lake Group has acquired extensive experience in the most recent packaging techniques required for handling and packing tea products.

Examples of tea packaging: Bag-in-box , flow wrapped tea bags, flow wrapped trays, flip top caddy style carton, gable top carton, shelf-ready cases, shrink wrapped cartons and shrink wrapped trays.

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