Bradman Lake offers an extensive array of cutting-edge tray-packing machines, featuring tray loaders and tray shrink wrappers among others. Tailored to cater to diverse shelf-ready applications, our equipment excels in delivering versatility by seamlessly producing shrink-wrapped bundles, tray-packed products, or a harmonious combination of both on a singular machine. This empowers our customers with the freedom to select the packing format that perfectly aligns with their specific needs.

Packaging Styles


Tray Erector Tray Loader

Tray, Lid and Shrink

In addition to our comprehensive range of tray packing equipment, we offer a state-of-the-art basket-style tray packing system, further enhancing our commitment to providing innovative and efficient packaging solutions.

Typical system includes product feeding conveyors for multiple products, basket feeding and policing conveyor system, and robotic basket loaders and full basket policing and transfer system.

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Robotic basket loading