Consistent and perfect carton erection is critical for the efficient operation of a top-load cartoning system. The Bradman Lake name is synonymous with high quality and high-efficiency carton and tray erection machines.

Various carton erectors / tray erectors can be selected to suit the customer’s application.

All machines cover a broad spectrum of operating speeds; they can be supplied with single, double, triple, and quadruple forming heads for maximum output rates, depending on carton size. Other configurations are also available.

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Packaging Types


Mechanical Carton and Tray Erector / Former

Servo-driven Carton and Tray Erector / Former

Tooling Flexibility

Quick and easy to size change and ensure repeatability.

The Bradman Lake’s Carton and Tray Formers / Erectors can be tooled to erect different styles of lock and glue form cartons and trays, ranging from standard three flap or front flap cartons, turn-over-end cartons, to hooded lid cartons, as well as shelf-ready display style cartons that include atypical shapes associated with seasonal products.

Change part tooling is generally dedicated to a particular tray size, but for applications where many different cartons and tray sizes are required, an adjustable system can also be supplied to reduce the number of change parts required.

Carton Erector, carton former, tray erector and former

Tooling Cart

Bradman Lake Tooling cart is available for portable storage of Bradman Lake’s forming head change-parts. It is custom designed for each width of forming tool. The system addresses the common problem of lost or damaged forming tools or change parts.

Standard Features

  • Holds two forming heads.
  • Fits single, double or triple forming heads.
  • Convenience for safe storage.
  • Protection of critical tool settings.
  • Portability between set ups.
  • Versatility for all tool sizes.
  • Quality construction stainless steel with castors.
  • Economical price.
tool-cart for carton and tray erectors change parts