Bradman Lake has designed and manufactured packaging machines and systems to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

We have a portfolio of collators for glass and plastic bottles and irregular shaped containers and devices for the control of unstable products. A wide variety of essential and everyday products in the home are handled by our systems, including many major brand names in a variety of international markets.

Bradman Lake's Packaging Systems For Pharma and Healthcare

Bar Packing System

Inhaler Packing System

Roll Wrapping System

Sachet Packing System

Robotic Pick and Place Loading

Packaging equipment designed for the pharmaceutical industry

Bradman Lake packaging equipment can be enabled for serialisation and aggregation integration. Labelling, product detection, rejection and integrated case elevators can all be included.

Bradman Lake offers options for various levels of CFR21 Part 11 compliance.

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Top Load Robotic Case Packer