From small hand bagging machines for the craft baker through to a range of equipment designed for the world’s largest bakeries, Bradman Lake can tailor unique solutions from cooler through to breadbasket, all from one supplier.

Systems typically include product distribution, collation, slicing and ‘slitting’ options, high-speed bagging, and basket loading, making Bradman Lake the obvious one-stop-shop.

We offer a comprehensive range of paddle action bread bagging machines and infeed systems to suit a wide variety of products. Machines are tailor-made to suit the customer’s exact requirements.

Packaging Styles

Bagged products

IB30 Hand Bagger

The Ibonhart IB30 Hand Bag Loader is the ideal machine when moving to semi-automated packaging of products.

  • Designed to provide an economical solution whilst providing ease of use.
  • As the top bag is filled and removed, the next bag is automatically inflated, ready for use.
  • Uses standard pre-made wicketed polythene bags.
  • Ideal for a range of products such as sliced and unsliced bread, rolls, and food products in trays.
Bread Hand Bagger Packaging Equipment

IB270/360/520 Baggers

The IB series includes IB270, IB360, and IB520. The three models have been designed and built specifically for the Bakery industry and are the result of many years of experience providing packaging solutions in diverse markets worldwide.

The IB series unique features include the ability to use paper or poly bags on the same machine and can be integrated with either semiautomatic or fully-automatic bag loading systems. In addition, the equipment can handle free bake, half-loaf, and unsliced products and is also available as a combination machine with an inline conveyor and slicer infeed allowing sliced bread, solid bread, rolls, pita bread, etc. giving maximum machine utilisation and a truly flexible packaging solution.

So if you are feeding your slicer by hand or are loading via an automatic feed from your cooler, there is a machine in the range for you.

Bread Fully Automatic Bagger Packaging Equipment

IBPRO Bagger


The IBPRO Bread Bagging Machine is extremely efficient, space-saving, and incorporates hard-wearing components.

The IBPRO has been specifically designed for large plant bakeries with the requirement for high throughput, minimal downtime, and reduced waste. It incorporates ergonomic design with ease of access to maximise operator and engineer efficiency.

When coupled with our fully automatic slice thickness adjustable band slicer, the IBPRO creates a market-leading high speed, bread slicing, and packaging system.

Bread Bagger


Bradman Lake offers a seamless integration with a wide range of product handling solutions, ranging from small-footprint ‘standalone’ machines for low-speed hand-fed applications to fully automated systems for the most sophisticated processing and packaging lines.

A wide range of Slicers are also available to suit all types of baked products efficiently.

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