Bradman Lake designs and manufactures modular and scalable horizontal flow wrapping systems that meet the most demanding environments and packaging needs. This approach provides end-users with future proof solutions, allowing progression to fully automated systems which reduce initial capital investment whilst increasing asset value. Whether you’re packaging food, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, or other products, our advanced flow wrappers are designed to streamline your packaging process while ensuring optimal product presentation and protection.

Continuous innovation and development deliver systems combining the highest production rates with unrivaled operation reliability.

Packaging Styles

Bradman Lake provides manufacturers with a number of collation and multipack format options for wrapping individually wrapped products.

Flow Wrappers Models

FT120 Horizontal Flow Wrapper

FT120MP Multi Pack Horizontal Flow Wrapper

FT130 Biscuit on edge Horizontal Flow Wrapper

The Distinctive Advantages of Bradman Lake’s Horizontal Flow Wrappers


Quick Changeover:

Soft Jaw:

Reel to Reel Splicing:

Tear Tape Application:

Automatic Web Tracking:

Servo Reel Unwind:

Discharge Top Control:

Discharge Batch Counter:

Coder Brackets:

Empty Bag Removal:

No Gap No Crimp:

No Product No Bag:

High Speed Flow Wrappers:

What does a typical fully automatic flow wrapping system include?

A flow wrapping system typically includes row conditioning, row feed station, product orientation, smart belt pressureless phase feeder and flow wrapper.

Read more about Bradman Lake’s Feeding Systems.

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