In addition to the Vision Guided Robotic systems, Bradman Lake produces two variants of the Robotic Top Loader machines, the Dual Race Track (DRT) Top Loader and the Single Race Track (SRT) Top Loader.

Both machines employ the ABB FlexPicker IRB 360 delta robot for the picking and placement of products, in combination with a precision End of Arm Tool (EOAT).

The machines incorporate intelligent belt technology that provides a unique carton management system of servo-driven belts that accurately spaces pre-erected cartons and delivers them to the carton loading stations. A servo-driven vacuum infeed belt conveys product into the Robotic Top Loader. Misaligned and out of position products are automatically rejected, ensuring high operating efficiencies.

The machines can produce either ‘flat-pack’ or ‘on edge’ collations.


Robotic Top Loader (DRT)

Robotic Top Loader (SRT)

Vision Guided Robot (VGR)