The Bradman Lake manual infeed systems are designed with the loaders in-mind. They incorporate advanced features to ease the manual loading process and reduce the risk of injuries from repetitive motions.

Modular designs that provide easy access for cleaning and maintenance with particular emphasis on hygiene requirements.

The manual feeding systems allow the packaging equipment to operate at the highest efficiency.

Standard and bespoke layouts to suit the customers’ requirements.

The manual loading feeding systems are suitable for customers who want to load by hand unwrapped products into cards, cartons, cases, and the infeed of packaging equipment.

Reduced Initial Capital Cost (ICC)

The manual feeding equipment can be upgraded in the future to achieve full automation and yet retain initial capital savings.

Market Sectors

Suitable for different industries, such as Bakery Industry, Chilled and Frozen Foods, Chocolate and Confectionery, Pharma and Healthcare, and Dry Foods.