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The Bradman Lake group provides innovative packaging solutions to a client base that demands a partner to help them excel in today’s competitive and demanding market.

Amalgamating our four key brands: Autowrappers (founded in 1948), Europack (founded in 1966), Bradman Lake (founded in 1969) and Ibonhart (founded in 1979) we are a leading designer and manufacturer of packing machinery and turnkey systems to the bakery & biscuit, chocolate & confectionery, dry foods, chilled and frozen foods, consumer, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Bradman Lake is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the multi-disciplined global UK engineering group, Langley Holdings plc.

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Primary Packaging Equipment

Bradman Lake designs and manufactures modular and scalable flow wrapping systems as custom solutions to meet the most demanding environments and packaging needs. Flow Wrappers, Roll Wrappers, and Baggers can be delivered as stand-alone equipment or as part of a complete packaging system.

To provide our customers with complete integrated packaging machinery for a primary packaging operation, our Flow Wrappers, Roll Wrappers, and Baggers can be integrated with one of Bradman Lake’s comprehensive range of Product Handling options ranging from manual feeding to fully automated intelligent motion feeding systems.

Bradman Lake’s cartoning and case packing equipment is also suitable for unwrapped products and is available with a range of product collators to achieve desired pack formats for transportation and shelf ready packaging (SRP).

Secondary Packaging Equipment

Bradman Lake is a proven innovator of top load and end load cartoning machinery with carton erectors, pick and place robotics, inline and right-angled carton sealers, indexing end load cartoners, continuous motion end load cartoners, sleevers and multi pack machines, all covering a broad spectrum of operational speeds with maximum efficiency.

The Bradman Lake range of cartoner machines provides flexible solutions and satisfy the demands of retail ready packaging ( SRP ).

Tertiary Packaging Equipment

Bradman Lake offers end of line packaging machinery that includes HSC / RSC preformed case packer and wraparound case packer, for a wide range of products, with side load, bottom load and top load options available for preformed cases. 

The Bradman Lake range of case packers delivers flexible solutions to satisfy the demands of typical case packing formats and retail ready packaging ( SRP ).

Bradman Lake also offers a wide range of shrink wrappers and palletisers to suit different applications.

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World-class engineering starts with our employees

Every great product needs a great business behind it. innovative, challenging and rewarding, it takes a wide range of people and skills to deliver world-class British-made equipment.

Permanent Skilled Positions.   If you’re a team player, hardworking, enthusiastic and looking for a new role then we would like to hear from you.  We currently have a number of job opportunities in both production and in sales.

Apprenticeships - Manufacturing Operations. Have you recently lost your placement due to the pandemic? Our apprenticeship programme provides an excellent opportunity to establish a career within the manufacturing sector. Throughout your apprenticeship you will receive ongoing mentoring as well as valuable on-the-job experience and job relevant off-the-job learning to support your career development.