Tertiary Packaging Equipment - Palletiser

Bradman Lake offers a range of customised compact PAL palletisers to accommodate today's market trends for a more flexible, cost-effective and reliable system.

As a leading designer and manufacturer of packaging systems, we lead the way in automated end-of-line packaging solutions. Contact us for more information.

The modular design of our palletisers can be adapted to match your space and product flow, providing:
Separate Palletisation Programmes. It can be used for the left and right pallet stations to produce two different palletisation formats simultaneously.
Pallet Complete Beacon. Notifies the operator when pallet removal is required.
Automatic Access. Doors automatically unlock when a pallet is complete granting operator access.
Uninterrupted Operation. Palletisation continues on the opposite station during manual removal and placement of pallets.
Operator Safety. Internal light guards protect the operator while accessing the inactive palletising cell.
Innovative Collation Table. Product is picked from a collation table designed to maximise robot motion efficiency and build accurate pallet patterns.
It can be supplied as a single equipment or as part of an integrated turnkey system.

To ensure your palletiser fits perfectly into your packaging line, we offer a complete system integration service that includes concept, design, and installation with solutions extending from Process to Pallet.

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