Secondary Packaging Equipment: End Load Cartoners

From entry-level hand-fed to fully automatic, Bradman Lake end load cartoning machines are renowned worldwide for their simplicity and adaptability and can load almost all products, from small delicate objects to large cereal bags. They are also capable of handling a wide range of carton board at high speeds, with maximum efficiency.

End Load Cartoners Models:

The SL50 hand-fed End Flap Sealer is an entry-level machine that is regularly chosen by customers that value its versatility, robustness, mechanical simplicity, and reliability. Tool-less size change includes handwheel adjustment.

The SL80 and SL802 Semi-automatic End Load Cartoners can handle lower grade carton materials and are regularly chosen by customers that value its robustness, mechanical simplicity, and reliability.

The machines employ proven features, including powered carton feeders, fixed carton magazines, and hand-wheel adjustable carton transit conveyors. The SL80XL offers the same features combined with the capability of handling larger cartons.

The SL902 and SL903 Fully-automatic End Load Cartoners can handle a wide range of products and cartons, including lower grade carton materials, and are available with a variety of product infeed and collating systems for total automation with upstream equipment. 

A wide range of optional features is available to enable the machines to be readily adapted to meet the customer’s specific requirements. 

The simple yet strong stainless steel construction makes the machines ideally suited to the food industry and other market sectors. Machine guarding has been designed to provide both maximum visibility of operation and excellent machine access. The carton hoppers are motorised and include ‘slide in’ change part gates for quick and repeatable size changes.

The SL904 and SL906 are fully servo-driven, automatic continuous motion End Load Cartoners. They are designed for large scale, high-speed cartoning operations. The servo motors power the rotary carton feeder, flap tuckers and flight chains as well as the product infeeds and transfer conveyors. Elimination of mechanical power transmissions ensures the SL904 and SL906 End Load Cartoners perform to a consistently high level of efficiency with very low maintenance costs.

The machines employ a heavy-duty, smooth running barrel cam product loader that incorporates overload detection in the event of product jamming. The barrel cam loader pusher arms are easily retracted for product removal. Standard features include automatic lubrication, servo-assisted, and tool-less size changing.

A wide range of optional features is available to enable the machine to be adapted to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

The IMSL is the latest model of end load cartoners. The IMSL Incorporates iTRAK® technology, which has been utilised for flexible product collating while reducing the number of transfers using guided pockets to ensure minimal product handling and repeatable carton loading. A new servo-driven linear inserter tracks the guided pockets and transfers each product into the carton, negating the need for a traditional ‘barrel loader’. This delivers excellent access for the end-user, with the option of constant or indexing motion on the same machine and greater flexibility in handling a wide range of products and collations with minimal rapid size changes.

Bradman Lake offers a large selection of product handling and feeding systems for total automation that allows the secondary packaging equipment to operate at the highest efficiency with upstream and downstream equipment. 

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