Bradman Lake is an innovator of flexible automation using parallel axis robotics technology. The top load robotic solution picks products from a racetrack mechanism and places them in the infeed of the secondary packaging equipment.

Robots can replace manual feeding in many applications. Automation using robots provides a strong case for use in several industries where incidences of repetitive strain injury and lost time in production are critical factors for companies.

Robots have become simpler to use, cost significantly less, and the technology has evolved for use in a broad range of industries. The increasing demand for user operational plant flexibility without sacrificing performance has given the Bradman Lake Group significant opportunity in the core industry sectors in which it operates.

The robot is designed to minimise the mass of the moving arm and allow for fast acceleration.

Other models of Secondary Packaging Product Handling

With many years of experience handling a wide range of products, we have developed feeding systems designed to deliver and present your product perfectly to the next stage of the packaging cycle.

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