Packaging Technology for bakery

Baked Goods

We champion major advancements in technological development to meet and exceed the increased demands for speed and accuracy in the production of bakery products throughout the world, including bread, biscuits, cakes, snacks and nutritional bars.  

Bradman Lake specialists can offer expert advice on machine selection in relation to the handling characteristics and format of your product.

Bradman Lake assists customer in expanding packaging capacity without adding real estate

Due to ever growing demand, Pukka is expanding retail production by introducing a new high speed, flexible packaging line into their manufacturing facility in Leicestershire. BL was tasked with unlocking the challenge of feeding a new high speed packaging leg from two existing process lines, with the ability to pack faster due to increased demands for a smaller SRP case collation.

Working alongside the customer, BL developed a new layout providing new bridging transport conveyors and newly developed small footprint packaging machines. 

Primary Packaging

Secondary Packaging

Tertiary Packaging

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