Primary Packaging: Product Handling: Automatic Distribution Systems and Row Feed Stations

High volume production lines rightly demand fully automated packaging systems that offer flexibility in operation and are capable of accepting normal irregularities in the product itself and the product supply rate. With many years of experience in the handling of delicate, sticky, friable and fractious products, our Automatic Distribution Systems (ADS) never fail to deliver and present your product perfectly to the next stage of the wrapping cycle.

Our distribution systems row feed stations are specifically developed for production and packaging lines. Technologically sophisticated, but reassuringly simple to use – these systems are engineered to the highest quality and offer unrivaled accuracy and longevity of use.

The Automatic Distribution System (ADS) is designed to handle products presented in regimented rows. It may operate in conjunction with a single flow wrap machine but, more commonly, is used in multiple machine arrangements.  

A typical Automatic Distribution System (ADS) will include a number of distribution stations automatically programmed to distribute products by a number of methodologies from equal distribution to ‘greedy boy’ where maximum products are distributed at each successive station. As each row is transferred onto the primary belt, they are conditioned by a pneumatic/servo row aligner (depending on speed).

There is also the option of having a storage and re-feed facility. A product storage belt offers protection in the event of downstream stoppages. The product can be automatically re-fed to the final distribution station during production or in bulk at the end of shift.

Seamless integration with Bradman Lake’s innovative primary packaging equipment, such as horizontal flow wrappers, and baggers.

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