Primary Packaging: Product Handling: Fully-automatic Feeders

High volume production lines rightly demand fully automated packaging systems that offer flexibility in operation and are capable of accepting normal irregularities in the product itself and in the product supply rate. With many years of experience in the handling of delicate, sticky, friable, and fractious products, we have developed feeding systems designed to deliver and present your product perfectly to the next stage of the packaging cycle.

A wide range of feeders is available to suit the customer’s requirements.

Inline Phase Feeder (ILPF)

The Inline Phase Feeder is designed to interface to a horizontal flow wrapper with the product being presented in a narrow edge leading format from either a Bar Turn Unit, Product Orientation Feeder, or an Automatic Distribution System. It is designed to form a queue of products and then phase individual product into the horizontal flow wrapper’s infeed flights. 

Shuttle Phase Feeder (SPF)

The Shuttle Phase Feeder is ideal for delicate products, sticky products, or products in trays products where a pressure-less queue is required prior to the phasing section in order to reduce potential damage to the product and minimize rejects.

Angle Feeder (AF)

The AF Angle Feeder is designed to interface with an Automatic Distribution System (ADS), or it can be manually presented with products, either directly from the main production Angle Feeder (AF) conveyor or as an off-line machine. The product is presented to the first gap closing belt in a wide edge leading format. The Angle Feeder (AF) then takes the product narrow edge leading and transfers it as an individual or as multiple products into the infeed section of a horizontal flow wrapper. 

Product Orientation Feeder (POF)

The Product Orientation Feeder (POF) is available in a variety of widths and lengths, and the number of bases and side belts can be changed to suit the specific application. The POF is designed to accept the products either in regimented rows or randomly distributed on a delivery conveyor and to configure them into a single stream, narrow edge leading. 

Smart Belt Feeder (SB)

The Smart Belt (SB) inline automatic infeed receives products at random and uses a series of servo-controlled belts to correct the random position of each product relative to the target pocket of the horizontal flow wrapper’s infeed conveyor. The final transfer is aided by an overhead paddle. The product would normally be presented to the smart belts with the wide edge leading. Right-angle machines are available.

Cascade Collator/Loader (CCL)

The Cascade Loader comprises a system of infeed conveyors that feed product into a rotary pocket. The machine's function is to collate single or multiple products and synchronize their placement into the infeed pockets of an automatic horizontal flow wrapper or bagger.  

The cascade loader includes an abort system to reject incorrect products.

Single or multiple cascade loaders can be interfaced to a single horizontal wrapper's infeed or bagger's  infeed.  

Bowl Feeder (BF)

The bowl feeder is designed to interface with the roll wrapper to handle round compressed tablets, dragees, lozenges, chocolate pieces, boiled sweets, pre-wrapped chews and candies, gums and pastilles. 

A variety of feed systems, including color or flavor sequence are available.

Bradman Lake also offers robotic and vision-guided robotic feeders.

Seamless integration with Bradman Lake’s innovative primary packaging equipment, such as horizontal flow wrappers, roll wrappers, and baggers.

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