Primary Packaging: Product Handling: Vision Guided Robotics

Bradman Lake is an innovator of flexible automation using parallel axis robotics technology. The increasing demand to pick and place randomly orientated products, without sacrificing performance, has given the Bradman Lake Group significant opportunity in the core industry sectors in which it operates.

Future Proof Design

The Bradman Lake’s Vision Guided Robotic (VGR) range of equipment has a modular design that allows for handling a wide range of products, collations, and formats. Individual or multiple products are progressively picked and loaded into the continuously moving infeed of the horizontal flow wrapper, roll wrapper, or bagger, in the required quantity, to create the collation to be flow wrapped.

Vision Guided Robot (VGR) Features

  • The VGR detects an object using advanced delta robot and vision technology.
  • Customized layouts are available to suit the customer’s requirements.
  • Monobloc integrated machine system.
  • The robot arms and end effectors have been optimized for low weight, high strength, and long life.
  • The robot is designed to minimize the mass of the moving arm and allow for fast acceleration. 
  • Lubrication free joints.
  • Industry-proven control systems.
  • The machine control system is easily accessed via an HMI touchscreen operator interface, which results in a quick, flexible, accurate, and easy repeatable size changeover.

Market Sectors

Robots can replace manual feeding in many applications. Automation using robots provides a strong case for use in several industries where incidences of repetitive strain injury and lost time in production are critical factors for companies.

Suitable for different industries, such as Bakery Industry, Chilled and Frozen Foods, Chocolate and Confectionery, Pharma and Healthcare, and Dry Foods.

Seamless integration with Bradman Lake’s innovative primary packaging equipment, such as horizontal flow wrappers, and baggers.

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