Tertiary (End-of-line) Packaging

Bradman Lake leads the way in the development of forward-thinking, end-of-line packaging equipment to accommodate new market trends for small footprint, flexible, and shelf-ready features.

To complement Bradman Lake's turn-key system approach, a range of customized small footprint and flexible palletizers has been developed. Options include manual pallet placement to fully automatic pallet loading and stretch wrapping.

Tertiary (End-of-line) Packaging Product Handling

Bradman Lake offers a wide range of manual and automatic solutions based on the application requirements to allow the tertiary packaging system to operate at the highest efficiency.

Tertiary (End-of-line) Packaging Equipment

In combination with appropriate collators, Bradman Lake offers preformed case and wraparound packers for a wide range of products, with side load, bottom load and top load options available for preformed cases. The Bradman Lake range of case packers delivers flexible solutions to satisfy the demands of modern shelf-ready retailing.

Bradman Lake also offers a wide range of palletizers to suit different applications.