Horizontal Flow Wrappers

Bradman Lake designs and manufactures modular and scalable horizontal flow wrapping systems as custom solutions to meet the most demanding environments and packaging needs. This approach provides end-users with future proof solutions, allowing progression to fully automated systems which minimize initial capital investment while maximizing asset value. Continuous innovation and development deliver systems combining the highest production rates with unrivaled operation reliability.

Bradman Lake’s horizontal flow wrapper solutions range from small footprint stand-alone machines for low-speed hand-fed applications to fully automated systems for the most sophisticated processing and packaging lines. 

FT120 Series Horizontal Flow Wrapper

The FT120 Flow Wrapper model is the latest version of this well-established electronic flow wrapping machine. Always at the leading edge of flow wrapping technology, the FT120 Flow Wrapper incorporates over 70 years of experience designing and building packaging machines and includes a multi-axis Allen Bradley servo control and motor package, PLC control system and man-machine interface. 

The FT120MP Multi Pack Flow Wrapper model provides a wide range of collation and multipack format options. Watch video.

FT130 Biscuit on edge Horizontal Flow Wrapper

The operation of the biscuit-on-edge flow wrap machine is generally the same as the standard horizontal wrapper, but the product feed system and handling during the wrapping process are adapted to suit the biscuit-on-edge collation. The collation of biscuits is manually or automatically fed into the infeed of the BOE biscuit-on-edge flow wrapper, and is supported at the rear by the infeed carrier and the front by a spring-loaded finger. As the biscuits travel through the BOE flow wrapper, the front and rear support transfers to side support, ensuring the collation stays in place while the pack travels through the end seal jaws and is completely sealed. The side also supports automatically gusset the end seals.

Packaging Styles

Standard flow wrap

In line

In line on edge


Side by side

Multiple pieces collated

Bradman Lake's Horizontal Flow Wrappers Features and Benefits

Efficiency: The Bradman Lake FT Series Horizontal Flow Wrapping machines operate at the highest levels of efficiency, even in the most demanding environments.

Quick Changeover: The flow wrappers machines are simple to operate and maintain as well as being able to accommodate a wide range of product sizes with simple and quick changeover. A large memory in which size change parameters can be stored and retrieved for the rapid changeover of both flow wrapper and feeding systems is available.

Operator adjustable features without tools: 

  • End crimp dwell
  • Film cut off length
  • Product position in bag
  • Print registration (if fitted)

Soft Jaw: Unique to Bradman Lake, it prevents misplaced products from jamming in the end seal jaws. 

Reel to Reel Splicing: Automatic splicing is a standard feature on a system. A manual splice is also available for stand-alone machines.

Tear Tape Application: Self-adhesive tape is applied to the wrapping material, which provides a more consistent method for opening the pack.

Automatic Web Tracking: Maintains position of wrapping material presentation from the reel, providing increased efficiency and productivity whilst keeping material width to a minimum.

Servo Reel Unwind: Utilizes servo-driven reel mandrels which replace the mechanical braking system, used on high linear wrapping material speeds.

Discharge Top Control: It provides a consistent transfer onto the discharge conveyor, therefore, ensuring a regular pitch between product when interfacing with downstream equipment.

Discharge Batch Counter: Delivers a pre-selected count of wrapped products to aid the hand packing process.

Coder Brackets: For mounting various coders, which offers the customer flexibility to select their preferred brand.

Empty Bag Removal: The vacuum system removes empty flow wraps prior to discharge.

No Gap No Crimp: If no gap is detected between products on the infeed, the end seal jaws will not come together, and a long bag is formed that is rejected on the machine infeed. The machine does not stop production.

No Product No Bag: If no product is detected in the machine pitch, the end seal jaws simply wait for the next product.  No empty pack is produced, so there is no wastage and the machine continue to run.

High Speed Flow Wrappers: Machine versions capable of wrapping speeds up to 1200 packs per minute are available.

What does a typical fully automatic flow wrapping system include?

A flow wrapping system typically include automatic feeding, product storage, multiple primary horizontal flow wrappers, and secondary packaging multipack horizontal flow wrapper.

A large selection of Bradman Lake distribution and feeding systems are available to allow the Flow Wrapper to operate at the highest efficiency, either as a simple, stand alone, hand fed machine or as part of a fully automatic integrated system. 

SPF Shuttle Phase Feeder feeding FT120 Horizontal Flow Wrapper

DRT Robotic Product Top Loader and Multipack Flow Wrapper Packaging System

DRT Pick and Place Robot feeding FT120 Multi Pack Flow Wrapper

VGR2000 Vision Guided Robot feeding FT120 Multi Pack Flow Wrapper

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