See us at PackExpo 2019

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Bradman Lake will be exhibiting at PACKEXPO, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada September 23-25, 2019

Visit us at Booth no. C-4640 and see live demonstrations of our latest packaging systems where our experienced team will be available to discuss your requirements and recommend the best approach to your application.

Machinery representing the various approaches will be on display for a live demonstration.

Cartoning; what is the best approach, top load or side-load? We offer both!

Shelf-ready Case Packing; tray, HSC, RSC or wrap-around? We have experience automating every approach!

Case Packing; small space available? No Problem. We have the solution!

To demonstrate the Side Load approach, the SL903 Cartoner, a well-established machine, will be connected to a ZX600 Robotic Case Packer which is the latest generation of the Bradman Lake Case Packing platform. The ZX will erect, load, close and seal RSC cases in a remarkably small amount of floor space.

An exhibit of the Top Load approach will be accomplished with an HS Mini Carton/Tray Former linked to an RA60 Right-Angle Carton Closer. This packaging line is simply the perfect top load solution for low to medium rate applications where little floor space is available. Bradman Lake’s forward-thinking integration engineering ensures that future full automation is possible without a snag; using a variety of Bradman Lake carton loading systems which can be implemented in a phased approach.

Equipment Key Features:

SL903 End Load Cartoner:

• The SL903 is a natural evolution of years of experience supplying machines to handle a variety of products and carton designs. It is designed to operate over a large size range of cartons and products with fast and easy size changes.

• A variety of product infeed and collating systems are available for total automation with upstream equipment.

• Machine guarding has been designed to provide both maximum visibility of operation and excellent machine access.

• Optional features are available to enable the machine to be readily adapted to meet specific applications.

SL903 End Load Cartoner

ZX600 Case Packer:

• Very small footprint robotic top load case packer.

• The machine utilizes the flexibility of the Fanuc M10 (6 axis) robot to consolidate case packing operations; carton collating, case flap guiding, case loading, and flap tucking.

• The innovative loading approach permits minimal product to case clearance, providing material costs savings and maximizing pallet utilization. It can also reduce the need for additional size-change parts, reducing inventory, change-over times and maintenance.

• Aggregation and serialization enabled.

• Integrated elevators and automatic palletizers are available.

ZX600 Case Packer

HS Mini Carton/Tray Former:

• Compact and ergonomic footprint, a machine that is nearly half the size of traditional carton formers.

• Forming rates up to 60 cartons/trays per minute.

• Quick changeover.

• Allen-Bradley control platform.

• Tooling Flexibility. The HS Mini can be tooled to erect different styles of lock and glue form cartons and trays, ranging from standard three flap or front flap cartons, turn-over-end cartons, to hooded lid cartons, as well as shelf-ready display style cartons that include atypical shapes associated with seasonal products.

Don’t see your carton design? Visit booth C-4640 to uncover the possibilities.

RA60 Right-angle, three flap carton closer

• Retains Bradman Lake's FCC Flexible rubber fingers that allow for cartons containing a product of inconsistent size, protruding above the carton base, to be closed without jamming.

• It features a tool-less size changeover which significantly reduces downtime and increases productivity for customers that run several different carton sizes.

All Bradman Lake machines – delivered and supported by award-winning customer service – have been specifically designed to meet the challenges of today’s packaging industry. The company has taken an innovative approach to its machine design resulting in efficiency and flexibility improvements. In all instances, its machines have been designed to connect and interact with each other across a common automation platform. The company standardizes, where feasible, on Allen-Bradley® and Rockwell components with a focus on minimizing customers’ spares inventory.  

Future Proof Solutions

Bradman Lake’s position as an innovative, progressive and forward thinking global supplier of packaging solutions derives from vast industry experience, a consultative, customer-driven approach, delivering commercially viable solutions with strong project management and a commendable health and safety record. All Bradman Lake products are the result of ongoing research and development and are the result of the view that every project, no matter how small or technically challenging, will be a custom solution to meet exact customer requirements. This responsive, solutions-based approach has helped establish Bradman Lake as a leading global provider of future-proof packaging technology for many industries.

Videos and presentations will be available at the booth to demonstrate how Bradman Lake provides true, single-source turnkey packaging systems from Process to Pallet.

Looking forward to seeing you at the booth!

About Bradman Lake

Established in 1948, the Bradman Lake Group is a leader in integrated packaging technology. From distribution and feeding systems, flow wrapping, roll wrapping, slicing, bagging, robotics, cartoning, to case packing, shrink wrapping and palletizing, Bradman Lake’s solution-based approach is gained from thousands of installations around the world.

Bradman Lake’s manufacturing plants are located in the UK and USA with regional sales offices in Russia and India. Bradman Lake is a wholly owned subsidiary of the multi-disciplined UK engineering group, Langley Holdings plc.

For more information about the Bradman Lake’s primary, secondary and tertiary equipment please contact us at