Bradman Lake assists customer in expanding packaging capacity without adding real estate

Due to ever growing demand, Pukka is expanding retail production by introducing a new high speed, flexible packaging line into their manufacturing facility in Leicestershire. Bradman Lake was tasked with unlocking the challenge of feeding a new high speed packaging leg from two existing process lines, with the ability to pack faster due to increased demands for a smaller SRP case collation.

Working alongside the customer, Bradman Lake developed a new layout providing new bridging transport conveyors and newly developed small footprint packaging machines. With high speeds and limited factory space, Bradman Lake utilised its small footprint SL Minor, a high-speed end load cartoner with integrated servo driven star wheel feeder. The cartoner is coupled with a newly developed dual lane robotic six station wrap around case packer capable of up to 40 cases per minute.

SL Minor. High speed carton feeding with ‘pre-breaking’ feature.

SL Minor - Automatic pie insertion.

The WR6 case packer is a fully automatic machine containing ‘back- to-back’ robots used to pick and place each carton collation into the case.

Each side of the case packer is equipped with low level hoppers and independently controlled case management and sealing, giving the customer the flexibility to produce different count SKUs on each side of the machine during the same production run. In addition, Bradman Lake fully integrated consumer protection and digital labelling units to provide full traceability.

WR6 Wrap-around Case Packer - Dual ‘back to back’ pick and place robots.

Pukka’s planned shutdowns, provided a window of opportunity for line modifications and installation and commissioning of the equipment. Bradman Lake had already been onsite to undertake enabling work to the existing lines to minimise disruption and downtime, allowing quick and efficient installation of the new equipment on arrival whilst the existing seven Bradman Lake packaging machines were being serviced.

Peter Gull, Engineering & Projects Manager at Pukka Pies, “We are delighted with the installation of the new retail packing line, further strengthening our ability to service retail demand, and cementing our ability to meet our ambitious growth strategy. Having challenged Bradman Lake to find a solution to a complex set of constraints, they worked closely with our projects team to provide a tailored solution that met our requirements. Our relationship with Bradman Lake spans many years, over which they have provided Pukka with end of line packing solutions to support our growth plans and range diversification, ensuring there is a Pukka for anyone, anytime”.

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About Bradman Lake

Established in 1948, Bradman Lake provides innovative packaging solutions to an international client base. The company is a leading designer and manufacturer of packing machinery and turnkey systems to the bakery & biscuit, chocolate & confectionery, dry foods, chilled and frozen foods, consumer, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. In 2022 the company was awarded the prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise. Bradman Lake’s manufacturing plants are located at Beccles and Bristol in the UK and Rock Hill, SC, in the United States. Bradman Lake is a wholly owned subsidiary of the multi-disciplined UK engineering and manufacturing group, Langley Holdings plc.