Join us at Gulfood Manufacturing 2022, Dubai


Visit booth S-L21 (UK Pavilion) at Gulfood Manufacturing, Dubai, UAE on 8-10 November and see our well-established IL120 three-flap carton closer, designed to handle all types of board and produce perfectly formed, square and unblemished cartons at speed up to 120 cartons per minute, depending on carton size.

The IL120 carton closer can be integrated seamlessly with Primary, Secondary and Tertiary packaging equipment, which can also be supplied by Bradman Lake. Experts trained on all these machines will be available in the booth for consultation and advice regarding suitable equipment solutions.

IL120 Carton Closer

The IL120 Features & Benefits: 

  • Flexibility, "Future Proof" Principal. The ergonomic modular design provides the ultimate flexibility to handle a wide range of carton formats and sizes that can be rapidly adapted to specific requirements enabling our customers to easily meet the demands of the fast-changing markets at any time in the future.
  • Quick Size Changeover. The Carton Closer features tool-less size changeovers. This significantly reduces downtime and increases productivity for customers that run several different carton sizes.
  • Unique Carton Closing Technology. The IL120 uses the unique ‘Flexible Carton Control’ (FCC) technology that allows for cartons containing product of inconsistent size, protruding above the carton base, to be closed without jamming.
  • Smart Layout. Compact footprint which is available in several orientations to suit plant layout and incorporates narrow integral electrical cabinets with easy access.
  • Safety and Hygiene. Robust and well-built to the latest safety and hygiene standards that are required in the frozen food, bakery, confectionery, dry food and healthcare industries.
  • Sustainability. Incorporates many sustainable features that ensure the safety of the environment and operators and drive increased efficiency through reduced packaging material waste.
  • Customer Service. Equipment is delivered and supported by award-winning customer service and backed by readily available technical support, commercial commitment and resources.

To find out more, contact us at mena@bradmanlake.comphone: +971 4 8838 684.

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