A compact design carton and tray erector at IBIE 2022


Visit booth 330 at IBIE (International Baking Industry Exposition) on September 18-21 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV and see our HS Mini Carton/Tray Former, the ultimate carton and tray erector, ideal for installations with limited floor space. 

Its compact footprint is nearly half the size of traditional carton formers, yet it retains the same advanced features found in the Bradman Lake HS Former, such as forming rates up to 60 strokes per minute, quick changeover, and an Allen-Bradley control platform. 

Every machine is supplied ready for production as a stand-alone unit or as an integrated piece of a Bradman Lake packaging system that can include flow wrapper, carton loader, carton closer, case packer, and palletiser, making Bradman Lake the obvious one-stop-shop.

HS Mini Carton and Tray Former/Erector

The core competence of the machine is its unique capability for seamless future integration with Bradman Lake’s innovative loading and closing equipment to achieve full automation whilst retaining the benefits of the initial capital investment.

Tooling Flexibility: The ergonomic modular design provides the ultimate flexibility to handle a wide range of carton formats and sizes. It can be rapidly adapted to specific requirements enabling our customers to easily meet the demands of the fast-changing markets at any time in the future.

The HS Mini can be tooled to erect different styles of lock and glue form cartons and trays, ranging from standard three flap or front flap cartons, turn-over-end cartons, to hooded lid cartons, as well as shelf-ready display style cartons.

The carton former on display will be tooled to lock erect three flap cartons.

Don’t see your carton design? Visit our booth 330 to uncover the possibilities.

Specialists at the booth can provide expert advice on machine selection to meet the precise handling characteristics of individual products and required packaging formats. 

Our Product Matrix videos will be available at the booth to demonstrate how Bradman Lake provides true single-source turnkey packaging systems from Process to Pallet, and the new technologies that drive greater efficiency in the production of the world’s bakery products. 

We also offer a comprehensive range of paddle action bread bagging machines and infeed systems to suit the customer’s exact requirements. From small hand bagging machines for the craft baker through to a range of equipment designed for the world’s largest bakeries, Bradman Lake can tailor unique solutions from cooler through to breadbasket, all from one supplier. 

Systems typically include product distribution, collation, slicing and ‘slitting’ options, high-speed bagging, and basket loading.

Why choose Bradman Lake?

Bradman Lake is a recognised world leader in supplying packaging equipment to the baked goods industry. 

Bradman Lake has delivered its scalable solutions-based approach to thousands of installations worldwide, initiating major technology innovations to exceed the ever-increasing demands for speed, accuracy and reliability in the production and packaging of baked products throughout the world.

Future-proof Solutions 

Bradman Lake’s position as an innovative, progressive and forward-thinking global supplier of packaging solutions derives from vast industry experience, a consultative, customer driven approach, delivering commercially viable solutions with strong project management and a commendable health and safety record. All Bradman Lake products are the result of thoroughgoing research and development and are developed from an undertaking that every project, no matter how small or technically challenging, will be a custom solution to meet exact customer requirements.

This responsive, solutions-based approach has helped establish Bradman Lake as a leading global provider of future-proof packaging technology for the baked goods industry.

Environmental sustainability is an important focus for Bradman Lake, both in machine development and business operation. As well as promoting recycled paper packaging material over plastic, it seeks to minimise packaging material waste through various equipment features. Ergonomic equipment design enables concurrent task completion in one compact frame, reducing spatial requirements, lowering energy and air consumption while ensuring no harmful emissions are produced.

About Bradman Lake Group

Established in 1948, the Bradman Lake Group is a leader in integrated packaging technology. From distribution and feeding systems, flow wrapping, roll wrapping, slicing, bagging, robotics, cartoning, to case packing, shrink wrapping and palletizing, Bradman Lake’s solution-based approach is gained from thousands of installations around the world. Bradman Lake’s manufacturing plants are located in the UK and USA with regional sales offices in India and UAE. Bradman Lake is a wholly owned subsidiary of the multi-disciplined UK engineering group, Langley Holdings plc.

For more information about the Bradman Lake’s primary, secondary and tertiary packaging equipment please contact us at sales@bradmanlake.com.