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See both Top Load and End Load cartoning equipment on display and let us help you to decide which approach will be better for your application.

Each option has unique capabilities and offers specific advantages. Selecting the optimal cartoning method is essential to ensuring product integrity as well as process performance.

The exhibit will comprise:

Top Load HS Lock Carton/Tray Former & IL120 Carton Closer engineered to withstand caustic wash-down

The HS Double Head Lock Former uses a direct placement system and offers an operating speed of up to 60 strokes per minute. Its factory set tooling is both quick and easy to size change and to ensure repeatability.

This carton erectors will erect cartons secured by self-locking tabs and can be supplied as a single, double or triple head.

The formed cartons are then passed to the IL120 Three-Flap Carton Closer to complete the packaging operation.

The IL120 retains Bradman Lake's FCC Flexible rubber fingers that allow for cartons containing a product of inconsistent size, protruding above the carton base, to be closed without jamming. It features a tool-less size changeover which significantly reduces downtime and increases productivity for customers that run several different carton sizes.

Both the carton former and the closer exhibit a compact layout design, ideal for applications where space is at a premium and engineered to withstand caustic wash-down and eliminates areas where bacteria can hide.

HS Double Head Lock Carton/Tray Former connected to the IL120 Carton Closer

End Load SL903 Fully Automatic Continuous Motion Cartoner

Bradman Lake’s SL series of end load cartoning machines is the natural evolution of years of experience supplying machines to handle all types of product and carton design. The machines are designed to operate over a large size range with easy, fast and repeatable size changing. The SL903 Fully Automatic End Load Cartoner can handle lower-grade carton materials and is offered with a variety of product infeed and collating systems for total automation with upstream equipment.

Optional features are available to enable the machine to be readily adapted to meet specific applications. The simple, yet robust, stainless steel construction makes the machine ideally suited to many industries. Machine guarding has been designed to provide both maximum visibility of operation and excellent machine access.

SL903 End Load Cartoner

Visitors to Bradman Lake’s booth number S-2944 will also be able to witness a fully integrated Bradman Lake - Ibonhart Brand - Bread Slicer and Bagger System along with the well-established technology of Flow Wrapper.

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About Bradman Lake

Established in 1948, the Bradman Lake Group is a leader in integrated packaging technology. From distribution and feeding systems, flow wrapping, roll wrapping, slicing, bagging, robotics, cartoning, to case packing, shrink wrapping and palletizing, Bradman Lake’s solution-based approach is gained from thousands of installations around the world. Bradman Lake’s manufacturing plants are located in the UK and USA with regional sales offices in Russia, India and China. Bradman Lake is a wholly owned subsidiary of the multi-disciplined UK engineering group, Langley Holdings plc.

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