New collaboration with Subo Automation

The Bradman Lake Group and Subo Automation Inc.; the provider of the patented End-of-Arm Tool technology, have entered into a license agreement to provide a world class solution for robotic top load applications.

The Agreement further strengthens the relationship between Bradman Lake and Subo Automation Inc. who have been collaborating since 2002. Under the new agreement Bradman Lake will continue selling and integrating the patented Subo Technology on future Bradman Lake Group Top Loaders. The requirements for End-of-Arm Tool replacements and new formats on existing Bradman Lake Group machines will be exclusively available through Bradman Lake Group. This means you can be confident not only in the soundness of the Tooling technology but also in the pedigree and integrity of its supply.

Bradman Lake Group has been supplying robotic top load machines for over 10 years as individual units or as part of an integrated packaging system with Bradman Lake’s wrapping, cartoning, and end-of-line equipment. The Robotic Top Loader is a multi-functional machine capable of top loading products directly into multiples of cartons, trays and cases, or collating and transferring product into infeed conveyors of either a multi-pack flow wrapper or a side load cartoner with either indexing or continuous motion profiles. As part of Bradman Lake continuous innovation Dual loading options are also now available for customers needing the flexibility to automatically collate and load primary wraps into a choice of two secondary packages, either a film multipack or a rigid chipboard retail carton. The machine employs state of the art technology in all functions.

The Subo End-of-Arm tool provides a dedicated solution to a wide range of multi-count product collating applications. This ultra-light End-of-Arm Tool uses a patented technology to enable today’s modern high-speed robots to capitalize on moving more than just one product in each robot cycle, effectively multiplying the robot transfer speed by the number of products in each pick.

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