Packaging Technology for bakery

Baked Goods

We initiate major advancements in technology development to not just meet, but exceed the increased demands for speed and accuracy in the production of bakery and biscuits, cakes, snacks and nutritional bars throughout the world. 

Bradman Lake specialists are available to offer the necessary advice as selecting the appropriate machine depends greatly on the handling characteristics and format of your product. Bradman Lake's Ibonhart division is a long-established leading manufacturer of automatic bread slicing and bread packaging equipment for the bakery and ancillary industries. 

Committed to producing and manufacturing high-quality bread bagging, slicing and packaging machinery; commercial equipment is versatile in their uses from packing beef burgers to portioning and packaging cakes, although items commonly packed are: tinned loaves and half loaves; freebaked cobs and bloomers; artisan breads; ciabattas, paves, pizza, Arabic bread, pitta, baguettes, burger buns, teacakes and muffins.