Tertiary Packaging: Product Handling: Vision Guided Robotics

With an ever increasing demand to pick and place randomly orientated products, Bradman Lake uses vision guided robotic technology.

The latest version of this method is the VGR2000. This system has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of our customers. Product can be picked in single piece or a collation and loaded into the infeed of the tertiary equipment. The smart cameras and delta robots directly interface with the Rockwell Automation programmable controller using pre-loaded customised add-on instructions.

No black boxes! The VGR2000 can be supplied without the overhead robots – with its ergonomic design suiting manual pick and place – and can be easily retrofitted should the need arise.

Other models of Tertiary Packaging Product Handling:


Race Track   


Intelligent Motion Loader 

Smart Belt 



Basket Handling