Secondary Packaging Equipment: Multipack Wrapper

Bradman Lake provides manufacturers with a number of collation and multipack format options for wrapping individually wrapped products.

The Bradman Lake’s multipack system can include an automatic feeder, product storage, and multiple flow wrapper for primary wrapping and a multi pack wrapper. It can also include a primary flow wrapper, robotic pick and place loader and a multi pack flow wrapper.  

DRT Robotic Product Top Loader and Multipack Flow Wrapper Packaging System

FT120MP Multi Pack Flow Wrapper fed by DRT Pick and Place Robot

The multi pack flow wrappers operate at the highest levels of efficiency. The machines are simple to operate and maintain and can accommodate a wide range of product sizes with simple and quick change over.

Advanced features, including no product/no bag, no gap/no seal, card feed, easy opening, tear tape, hermetic seal, validation, bar code, date code, print registration, wash down, and the ‘soft jaws’ feature, which is unique to our machinery, it ensures maximum machine availability whilst minimising the risk of product damage and wastage.

A wide range of optional features is available for the multi pack flow wrappers allowing precise adaptation to meet our customer’s specific requirements.

Packing Styles:

Multiple pieces stacked

Multi pack of bags

Multi pack narrow edge leading

Multi pack broad edge leading

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