Secondary Packaging: Product Handling: Race Track

The Race Track is used to create collations of products and can produce either ‘flat-pack’ or ‘on edge’ collations. It consists of two pairs of servo-driven belts or chains with flights attached to each pair to form pockets that are sized to suit the product. The dual drive ensures that the infeed collating process is totally independent from the collation discharge process.

Seamless integration with Bradman Lake’s innovative secondary packaging equipment, such as top load carton erectors, tray erectors, case erectors, robotic top loaders, inline and right-angled carton closers, indexing and continuous motion end load cartoners, sleevers, and multi-packers machines.

Other models of Secondary Packaging Product Handling

With many years of experience handling a wide range of products, we have developed feeding systems designed to deliver and present your product perfectly to the next stage of the packaging cycle.