Secondary Product Handling: Cascade Loader

The Cascade Loader comprises a system of infeed conveyors that feed product into a rotary pocket. The function of the machine is to collate single or multiple products and synchronize their placement into the infeed pockets of the secondary packaging equipment.

The cascade loader includes an abort system. The product that is either not sufficiently spaced apart or is out of specification will be rejected prior to entry into the first infeed pocket. The products descend progressively through the servo-driven pockets and are perfectly synchronised into the secondary packaging equipment infeed conveyor's target pockets. The final cascade pocket can collate a number of products prior to deposition into secondary packaging equipment infeed. Single or multiple cascade loaders can be interfaced to a single equipment infeed.

Seamless integration with Bradman Lake’s innovative secondary packaging equipment. 

Other models of Secondary Packaging Product Handling

With many years of experience handling a wide range of products, we have developed feeding systems designed to deliver and present your product perfectly to the next stage of the packaging cycle.