From Russia With Love

Bradman Lake helps Ozersky to launch premium chocolate product recognized by Forbes Russia as the most successful new brand in 2016

Ozersky Souvenir Company is located 150 km from Moscow near the Oka river. Founded in 1939. The company has produced high quality confectionery for over 75 years, manufacturing a wide range of products such as chocolate covered nuts and dried fruits, jelly candies and sweets with fruit and nut filling.

Ozersky had been planning the launch of their new brand O'zera, a distictive square shaped chocolate to enter a segment of the premium chocolate market. A key element of the concept was the need to pack chocolates in hollow wall boxes with hinged lids.

Cue Bradman Lake. Working in conjunction with Ozersky's cardboard suppliers to optimize the most cost effective solution, Bradman Lake's proven expertise in erecting cartons of a similar design made the company supplier of choice.

The system comprised a mechanical HS carton erector using a conventional 4 corner lock system and triple head giving maximum output rates of 180 cartons per minute. The equipment utilizes a ‘direct placement’ method of feeding the carton blanks into the forming tool. This guarantees excellent performance with a quick and easy setup using factory set tooling.

Flat carton blanks are stacked in the hopper(s) which can be re-filled during machine operation. During the cycle, a carton is extracted from the hopper using vacuum cups and placed in register on the forming tool. A plunger descends pushing the blank into the forming tool, folding up the sidewalls and simultaneously engaging the corner locks. The new installation also provided the customer with considerable savings on consumables.

About Bradman Lake

Established in 1948, the Bradman Lake Group Ltd is a leader in integrated packaging technology. From distribution and feeding systems, flow wrapping, cartoning, loading and closing to case packing, shrink wrapping and roll wrapping, Bradman Lake’s solution based approach is gained from thousands of installations around the world.

Bradman Lake’s manufacturing plants are located in the UK and USA with regional sales offices in Russia, India and China. Bradman Lake is a wholly owned subsidiary of the multi-disciplined UK engineering and industrial group, Langley Holdings plc.