New roll wrapper increases efficiency  

When Kirov Pharmaceutical Company (KPC), located in the vast timberlands of Northern Russia more than 1000 km from Moscow, took the ambitious decision to increase production volumes and update the packaging design of their roll wrap, they needed to replace their old Bradman Lake roll wrapper that had successfully wrapped ascorbic acid and glucose tablets with twisted ends for over 40 years.

With a limited amount of space available this dictated the purchase of a machine possessing maximum flexibility and reliability.

In the customer’s opinion, equipment of such a high level could only be provided by the Bradman Lake Group, who has acquired a reputation as a supplier of reliable solutions capable of designing the new machine as well as providing the logistics, commissioning and after sales support in one of Russia’s most remote places.

With this application Bradman Lake had to solve a wide range of tasks involving the packaging of different shape tablets (cylindrical and oval), the packaging of tablets in different collations (10’s and 18’s), as well as the use of different packaging designs (7 different variations). Each of them carried its own challenges. Oval tablets as well as their slight stickiness could potentially cause a lot of bottlenecks in product feed. The collation of 18 pieces was beyond the standard base of the machine. A large number of pack designs required quick and reliable size change.

Long term experience of designing and manufacturing wrapping machines helped the design experts in the Bradman Lake Engineering Department to offer a solution that met this customer's requirements.

Modification of the feeding unit enabled Bradman Lake to avoid a jam of tablets with the large radius edges in the vanes and to ensure the feeding tablets of both shapes. An alternative design of the agitating unit in the form of a rotating brush ensured continuous feeding of slightly sticky tablets in the vanes of the machine.

The increased width of the machine frame was implemented to wrap blocks of 18 pieces. Additional sets of size parts allowed packing the following designs: a short single wrap with twisted or folded ends and double wrap with twisted or folded ends; a long single wrap with twisted or folded ends, double wrap with twisted or folded ends.

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