Why Bradman Lake was Awarded Manufacturer of the Year?

Bradman Lake last year received the PPMA Processing and Packaging Machinery Award for Manufacturer of the Year presented during the Award Event Ceremony held at the NEC, Birmingham UK.

This award recognises machinery manufacturers that have excelled in areas such as new product development, sales, customer service, working practice and/or staff development.

Pictured left to right: Ian McDermott, Dan Lake, Paul Holmes; Bradman Lake

What makes Bradman Lake an Award Company?

Bradman Lake excelled in many areas in the past years; from product development, customer service to staff-development.

Product Development

Bradman Lake studied the needs, desires and trends of the market sectors they serve and as a result developed solutions that fulfilled these requirements, for example:


Bradman Lake machines have been developed to meet, and in most of times they exceed, the current standards of health and safety regulations. The machines are built with many safety features as standard specification and they are designed to ease the cleaning process to meet the industry requirements.

Bradman Lake also offers machines that are durable and designed to provide long and reliable service to withstand frequent caustic foam wash-down. More details

All machines have fully interlocked guarding.


Bradman Lake machines are the ultimate in flexibility, developed to handle a wide range of products.

The DRT Robotic Toploader with dual functionality is a great example. It is capable of top loading products directly into multiples of cartons and trays, or collating and transferring products into the infeed conveyor of the FT120 Multipack Flow Wrapper or the infeed of end load cartoners. More details

Also, the new generation of the MX Robotic Case Packer incorporates a unique triple infeed technology to handle products in cartons, flat flow-wrapped products and on-edge flow-wrapped products which is another innovative technology to meet the requirements for flexibility and adapt easily to the demands of the fast changing markets. More details

These machines guarantee higher productivity through enhanced capabilities and designs.

Bradman Lake machines size-changeover can be accomplished quickly and significantly reduces downtime during production.


One of the Bradman Lake core competencies is its unique ability to provide complete packaging systems; from product handling, feeding systems, automatic distribution systems, storage systems, flow/roll wrapping, shrink-wrapping, product loading, cartoning (top load/end load) and case packing. In seeking a common design platform through Integrated Packaging Technology, universal mechanical, electrical and control platform standards have been adopted group wide. It is a strategic approach that Bradman Lake initiated in 2004 across all machines to bring consistency for customers around the globe. It provides customers; common parts which results a minimal spare parts inventory, ease of maintenance and commonality of engineering, human-machine interface screens and navigation as well as operator familiarity when running any of the company’s equipment. Bradman Lake’s customers are assured an open and scalable control platform resulting in significantly reduced engineering effort and greater interoperability.


This is one of the important features that Bradman Lake keeps in mind during machinery development; the following characteristics have been implemented for optimum sustainability:

Customer Service

Our support and expertise continue well beyond the initial installation phase, whether the customers need remote or on-site technical service and support, spares, or change parts, training, equipment modifications, or any other form of support.

From a starting point of over 50 Capital Equipment suppliers, the Bradman Lake Group came to the top of the ranking and was awarded the inaugural “NBS Technical Procurement Supplier of the Year” award from Nestle in the area of Capital Equipment in November 2011, which is designed to recognize and formally acknowledge suppliers who exemplify outstanding performance and execution in the areas of innovation, customer service and relationship management, operations, quality, cost and value creation, and business ethics. Bradman Lake received the same award again in 2015 and was also awarded the inaugural Nestlé UK and Ireland 2014 Supplier Award in the category of 'Best Innovation Indirect'.

Pictured left to right: Mike Gillis, Dan Lake; Bradman Lake, David Hix; Director of Supply Chain Nestlé UK, John Marlee and Ian McDermott Bradman Lake.

Staff Development

Bradman Lake implements the latest software technologies to design packaging machines and provide training to its staff to be able to work with optimum efficiency.

Bradman Lake technicians are trained to provide customers with a unique service and knowledge of the entire packaging system, from primary, secondary to tertiary packaging equipment.


Apprenticeships help a business to harness fresh new talent and all the plants within the Bradman Lake Group have always been keen to make the most of this resource. Many of the current employees started their career with this program. The UK sites alone have taken on 18 apprentices over the past few years, and intends to carry this forward into the foreseeable future.