Caribbean Cream

Bradman Lake’s biscuits-on-edge flow wrapping machinery solution

For many years Devon Biscuit, part of the Associated Brands Group based in Trinidad, West Indies, had wrapped their famous range of coconut and chocolate bourbon cream sandwich biscuits on old, intermittent motion, die fold end wrapping machines. The sandwich creams were wrapped in slugs of biscuits stacked on-edge. The wrapping operation was slow and involved using three machines with declining efficiency which incurred high levels of scrapped product and packaging film.

In 2014, Devon Biscuit decided that they would invest in new wrapping machinery to revamp the appearance of these packs and introduce a new biscuits on edge pillow style flowpack using transverse heat seals incorporating gusseted tucked ends. The new pack would enable them to present a modern image with the added benefits of a reduction of machines involved, faster wrapping speeds, higher production efficiencies and a reduction in product and film scrap.

Bradman Lake had previously supplied wrapping, robotic top loading and top load cartoning machinery to their sister company Charles Candy and the quality of that equipment was recognized by Devon Biscuit. Therefore, in early 2014, Bradman Lake was chosen as their supplier of a new continuous motion biscuits-on-edge flow wrapping machine. The new Bradman Lake Flowtronic FT130 BOE machine was designed to fit within the floor space constraints of the existing plant and provided several important technical features to Devon Biscuit.

The FT130 BOE wrapper infeed was connected to a specially designed continuous motion, servo motor driven, dual lane, manually loaded cross feed conveyor. This design of conveyor allows Devon Biscuits to position up to four operators at each corner to easily load slugs of cream sandwiches being delivered from the cream sandwich maker. This permits fast loading speeds which translate into wrapper outputs up to 90 packs per minute for this application, faster speed can be achieved subject to application.

Groups or “slugs” of sandwich creams are automatically transferred, two at a time, by a servo motor driven sweep arm into two continuously moving open pockets in the FT130 BOE infeed chain. The machine incorporates many features such as, no product no pack which minimizes the generation of empty wraps. No gap no end seal crimp which is used for several functions to minimize stoppage as required for high performance operation. Another unique feature of the FT130 BOE is once the product collation is in control it is not released until the final sealing is completed which minimizes the possibilities of product jamming and increase efficiency.

About Bradman Lake

Established in 1948, the Bradman Lake Group is a major designer and manufacturer of innovative packaging machinery and ‘state of the art’ single source systems. With an impressive product portfolio Bradman Lake can offer stand alone or fully integrated systems custom-engineered to meet the exacting standards demanded by today's fast moving consumer markets worldwide.

The Bradman Lake range of equipment includes product distribution, feeding systems, flow wrapping, roll wrapping, top load cartoning, end load cartoning, and end of line options of case packing and shrink wrapping. Bradman Lake is located in the UK and USA with regional offices in Russia, India and China, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the multi-disciplined UK engineering group, Langley Holdings plc.