Products from the Bradman Lake group comprises three key brands - Autowrappers, Bradman Lake and Europack - each offering their own specialised range of equipment and expertise, spanning more than half a century.

Over the years, Bradman Lake has integrated these brands into one entity, the Bradman Lake Group Ltd, and today is an award-winning supplier of integrated packaging solutions to the Bakery, Confectionery, Frozen Foods, Dry Foods, Consumer and Healthcare sectors. In 2007, the Bradman Lake Group was acquired as a wholly owned subsidiary of the privately owned UK based industrial group Langley Holdings plc.

The Autowrappers business began in 1947 and became known as a world-leader in primary and multiple flow wrapping, roll wrapping and related product- feeding, distribution and storage systems. Based in Norwich, England, Autowrappers supplied packaging equipment ranging from stand-alone machines for low-speed, hand-fed applications to fully-integrated packaging systems for high-volume fast-moving consumer goods markets and packaging lines. Sharing the same high standards of engineering design and advanced electronic control systems, as other Bradman Lake brands, Autowrappers machines interfaced with the cartoning and end-of-line packaging machines of the group and specialised in the gentle handling of chocolate products, molded bars and tablets,wafers, enrobed bars, blocks or count lines.

For over 40 years, Europack was the UK’s leading end-of-line packaging machinery manufacturer. They specialised in a wide range of standard and customised film wrapping and board packaging equipment to meet the needs of many blue chip companies, in a diverse range of industries. This success was achieved by continuous product development, coupled with providing customised machines and systems.Principal products within the Europack machinery range included shrink and stretch wrappers, pallet stretch wrappers, case packers, tray erectors and loaders, wraparound tray and case packers and robotic palletizers.

Today, as the chosen partner of many leading food manufacturers around the world, the Bradman Lake Group, with its extensive manufacturing facilities, in-house R&D department and own subsidiaries in key locations, is continuing to help ensure profitability and growth for its customers in these rapidly changing times with an array of innovative, cutting edge solutions and with service levels second to none.