End Loaders

The Bradman Lake SL range of End Load Cartoners comprises the SL50 manually loaded end flap sealer, the semi-automatic SL802 hand pack machine, the fully automatic SL902/903 medium speed end load cartoners and the SL904/906 high speed full servo end load machines. The SL802 semi-automatic cartoner is equipped with a 2 head rotary carton feeder and has a loading station for up to 3 operators.

SL902/903 machines are equipped with 2 head and 3 head rotary carton feeders respectively. The carton hoppers are motorised and include ‘slide in’ change part gates for quick and repeatable size changes.

SL904/906 are fully servo machines that employ 3 and 4 head carton feeders respectively. With a standard 12” pitch the SL906 can operate at 225 cpm. Standard features include automatic lubrication, servo assisted and tool-less size changing.