Closers - inline

Bradman Lake’s range of flight-less inline carton closing machines comprises 3 models with speed capacities ranging from 120 to 250 cartons per minute. The IL120 single servo (turn correction) machine has a compact footprint while the IL180 dual servo (turn correction) machine and IL250 full servo machine, share a slightly larger footprint. In common with the RA range, the IL range utilise the same variable speed infeed system, comprising side running ‘flexible fingers’ that automatically spaces the cartons and meters them into the machine, and the FCC technology system of overhead conveyors comprising independent rubber fingers that flex and control the carton flap squareness. These overhead conveyors are cantilever mounted and supported on gas struts for easy access when cleaning. The IL range utilises a servo driven turn correction system that has the capacity to offer higher operational speeds. Each machine closes and seals cartons using a hot melt glue jetting system.

Size changing can be achieved in less than 10 minutes. The major axis of the machines are independently adjusted via handwheels incorporating digital readouts for accurate repeatability. Servo automatic adjustment options are available. The machines can be easily upgraded to handle larger than standard sizes and are also available in full wash down specification.