Closers - Right Angled

Bradman Lake’s range of flight-less right angled carton closing machines comprises of 3 models with speed capacities ranging from 60 to 120 cartons per minute. The RA60 single servo (turn correction) machine has a compact footprint while the RA90 dual servo (turn correction) machine and RA120 full servo machine, share a slightly larger footprint. Each machine is equipped with a variable speed infeed system comprising two pairs of side belts to meter and accelerate the cartons, correctly gapped, into each machine.

The RA range of top load three flap carton closers are designed to handle all types of board. Thin or heavy gauge chipboard or microflute corrugated board. The Bradman Lake closers will produce perfectly closed square, mark free and secure cartons suitable for shipping and shelf or freezer display.