Feeding systems

Cascade Loader

Typical product for this device is bags containing loose products. Normally linked to a VFFS bagging machine, an inclined conveyor will feed the cascade loader. Product that is either not sufficiently spaced apart or is out of specification, will be rejected prior to entry into the first infeed pocket. The product descends progressively through the servo driven pockets and are perfectly synchronised into the target pockets of the cartoners infeed conveyor. The final cascade pocket can collate a number of products prior to deposition into cartoner infeed. Single or multiple cascade loaders can be interfaced to a single cartoner infeed.

Smart Belts
An inline automatic infeed that receives product at random and using a series of servo controlled belts, will correct the random position of each product relative to its target pocket of the cartoners infeed conveyor. The final transfer is aided by an overhead paddle. The product would normally be presented to the smart belts wide edge leading.

Right Angled Infeed
Product is normally presented narrow edge leading and at 90° to the cartoner infeed. Two or more servo driven smart belts will correct the position of the product prior to a powered right angled overhead pusher transferring each product into its target pocket of the cartoners infeed conveyor.

Collator Loader
This infeed utilises our Dual Race Track (DRT) and single (SRT) technology, individual or a combination of products are driven into pockets mounted onto one or two servo driven fast indexing turbo trains.

The pockets advance (indexing) as they are filled and when the required amount are present, that train of pockets will transfer to the carton loading position. A servo driven pusher will transfer the products from the DRT onto a product positioner that elevates and separates the products into the required collations and the correct pitch of the cartoner infeed. A second servo pusher transfers these products into the cartoner infeed conveyor.