SRW Single Reel Shrink-Wrapper

This machine is designed to wrap a collation of products at speeds up to 50 packs per minute. These machines use a different film application method to a conventional shrink wrapper and operate without any form of sealing jaw.

The film is taken from a single reel cut to length and then applied around the product with an overlap underneath the pack. This overlap is sealed as the pack passes through a heat tunnel. Apart from the higher speeds obtainable, the absence of a sealing jaw leads to lower maintenance. Also, the film which is pre-cut to length facilitates the use of printed and registered film. This type of machine is normally supplied with appropriate collating equipment and often works in conjunction with tray packing equipment. Certain products can be wrapped unsupported. Although suitable for a wide range of applications, the equipment is most likely to be used for the wrapping of cans, jars & bottles.