Top Load Case Packing

This is an innovative top loading Robotic Case Packer that erects, loads and either glue or tape seals, RSC and HSC cases, at speeds up to 24 cases per minute. The machine is available in two variants; the MX600 generally single case loading with product on edge, and the MX1200 generally flat packing multiple cases by progressively loading each case as it indexes through the machine.

The machine is extremely flexible due to its modular design. Combinations of modules can be constructed to suit all applications including other non cartoned products. The module principle ‘future proofs’ the machine allowing for variations and upgrades to be implemented easily when production and marketing demands change.

The machine has a compact footprint ideal for limited floor space applications.

Size changing is very simple and quick to achieve, most adjustments are either servo driven or use hand-wheels and digital indicators.

Product pick up heads are change parts and can be automatically or manually changed.

Standard infeeds include Dual Race Track (DRT) collators. The DRT can either collate products laying flat or on edge depending upon the infeed position.

Multiple infeed machines provide the flexibility to handle different packs, for example a flat belt infeed could deliver cartons into the machine and when required production could be switched to use a DRT to deliver flow wrapped packs.